Carlo Beenakker, University of Leiden, Netherlands
Majorana Fermions and their Braiding

Andrew Cleland, University of Chicago, USA
Surface Codes and Optomicrowave Converters

Aashish Clerk, University of Chicago, USA
Non-Reciprocity in Quantum Measurements

Jens Eisert, Freie Universitaet, Berlin
Matrix Product States

Steven Girvin, University of Yale, New Haven, USA
Quantum Superconducting Circuits and Error Correction

Leonid Glazman, University of Yale, New Haven, USA
Protecting Superconducting Circuit Coherence against Excitations

Konrad Lehnert, University of Colorado, USA
Quantum Sensing and Transduction

Florian Marquardt, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany
Machine Learning and Quantum Devices

Mazyar Mirrahimi, Inria, Paris, France
Quantum Control and Error Correction

Klaus Mølmer, Aarhus University, Denmark
Continuous Quantum Measurements

Markus Müller, IQOQI Vienna, Austria
Quantum Foundations and Probabilistic Theories

David Poulin, University of Sherbrooke, Canada
Quantum Error Correction and Fault Tolerance


The list of invited colloquium speakers on current topics already includes Patrice Bertet (CEA Saclay, France), Alexandre Blais (University of Sherbrooke, Canada), Audrey Cottet (Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris, France), Liang Jiang (University of Chicago, USA), Zaki Leghtas (Mines ParisTech, Paris, France), Peter Lodahl (Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen, Denmark), Anja Metelmann (Freie Universitaet Berlin, Germany), Vladimir Manucharyan (JQI, College Park, Maryland, USA), Will Oliver (MIT, Cambridge, USA), Shruti Puri (University of Yale, USA), Nicolas Roch (Institut Neel, Grenoble, France, Denmark), Irfan Siddiqi (University of California, Berkeley, USA), Barbara Terhal (RWTH Aachen University, Germany), and Andreas Wallraff (ETH Zurich, Switzerland).